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Shareworthy Contents
We craft unique and highly relatable social content that is heavily shared by Malaysians across social media.

Urban Audience
We are engaged with young, vibrant and hip Iban speaking individuals.

Massive Engagement
Our audience consists highly of young adults the age of 18-34 years old who are very active social media users.


Over 1 million page views monthly by Malaysians

1 POST: CAN HIT 322,++ (People Reached) & 36,+++ (Engagements),  5 THOUSAND LIKES, 14+ COMMENTS, 56+ SHARES

We have taken SCREENSHOT as a proof or you see the result below:

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We’re the #1 Most Influential Iban News Site in Malaysia!


Our team focus on content and copywriting skill to make sure all our client satisfy and happy with the results.
Our creative editorial team works diligently with clients to create the best share-worthy content specially designed to fit our clients’ needs. We take time to understand each clients’ goals, whether to build awareness or create action and strategically craft our content to ensure maximum engagement and results.
All sponsored contents are circulated on our social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, allowing greater reach. Our seamless integration of polling system, push notification and headline placement for every sponsored post are also designed to optimize success!

Interactive units to make the audience a part of the story. Elevate your content to new heights of engagement, all while gathering data and feedback from respondents.

Event Coverage
Gain mass awareness for your event with our pre and post event coverage. Spice it up with our attendance and never miss that perfect shot with our inclusive event photography.

Video Content
Bring your message to life by transforming it into professional, engaging, and easy to understand videos. From concept, development to creation, we’ve got you covered.

Our team demonstrates our banner advertising to our clients.
Be seen by prospects at the very moment that they’re browsing through BERITA IBAN ONLINE for the things you offer. Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, generate leads, grow online sales, gain awareness or get the phones ringing, we can help.
Choose one of our available inventories or tailor your own ad banners in custom sizes and placements that suit your business goals to get the results you need!


Elevate Your Brand
Build presence and awareness to drive success for your business! Advertise with BERITA IBAN ONLINE and be exposed to our socially engaged audience. Simply tell us more about your interest and we’ll do the rest.
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